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Platinum DQ Consulting

Architects for better Data Quality

In addition to offering customized solutions, services, and staffing support, Platinum DQ Consulting provides the following services:

Data Quality Assessment

Platinum DQ Consulting will review and analyze your data, providing you with a 360 degree view of current data health. We’ll also provide our “Three Pillars of Data Quality” recommendations:

  • How to initially cleanse your data
  • How to prevent intrusion of bad data into a cleansed environment
  • How to update and keep data “fresh” going forward

Data Migration Assessment

Most consulting providers deliver estimates to move data from a legacy system to a target system with some basic transformations. However, Platinum DQ Consulting goes far beyond this approach taking into consideration a multi-facet review of data from all sources (both current and known future phases) to expose areas of risks from data loss, corruption, and chaos BEFORE migration development. Our practices ensure a predictable and successful migration plan significantly reducing cost overrun from “unexpected” data events during the migration phase and risks of “cutover” failures. Platinum DQ Consulting will apply a combination of our Data Quality Assessment and Data Governance Assessment practices into a holistic migration assessment initiative using the latest EIM tools SAP has to offer.

Data Governance Assessment

Platinum DQ Consulting knows the difficulties a company may face when considering Data Governance.  We actually consider any proposed standards and weigh them against existing data through extensive data profiling, current/future company/industry standards, and assemble an approach to reduce employee/customer pains while building on the gains of data governance.

EIM Advisement

Platinum DQ Consulting brings top SAP Certified experts to your needs covering a full array of EIM consulting including the managing and/or advisement of SAP Data Services, SAP Information Steward, and IM on HANA/HANA EIM initiatives.

Data Quality Advisement

With decades of leading experience in Data Quality, Platinum DQ Consulting offers unsurpassed expertise in Data Profiling/Monitoring, Address Cleansing, Data Cleansing, Text Analytics, and Duplicate Matching/Consolidation providing proven methodologies to enrich, deliver, and maintain clean, robust data from project inception to completion, and beyond…

Installation and Configuration

We staff the expertise to have you up and running fast, carrying years of SAP, Microsoft, and all major variations of UNIX operating system experience while having full insight into SAP’s support environment and best practices for product deployment, support/patch upgrade, and landscape development/code lifecycle management.

Sizing Assessment

Platinum DQ Consulting follows SAP guidelines in sizing, not only for your current environments, but also your future growth with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid solution evaluations available.

All Assessments include findings, recommendations, and A strategy path with one or more optimal resource/timeline plans